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Speaker Presentations

Presentations are available for your organization, business or event. Purposes may be quite diverse, such as management training, corporate skill improvement programs, employee luncheon presentations, education and self-improvement programs, wellness seminars, sports and fitness training, health club seminars, social club presentations for personal skills and other occasions.

Summa Fundation presents short meetings and seminars on the topic of meditation and stress reductions. Our approach to these topics is empirical and experiential. It focuses on the nature of attention, the control of attention and how use of attention shapes one's sense of reality.

Through a brief experiential process, participants can understand through direct experience that what you give your attention to is what exists for you. What you ignore with your attention virtually does not exist for you. The presentation allows the participant to grasp that one's entire sense of reality is created by one's pattern of attention.

This has profound psychological and philosophical ramifications and raises many questions. Why do you attend to some things and not others? How could your sense of realiity change if you were able to change and expand the use of your attention? How can one learn to control one's attention? What is the typical state of attention that occurs in everyday life? How does ths relate to stress reduction?

" I have never seen my people so riveted by a guest presentation..."

-- C. David, COO of Law Manager Inc.

A typical Summa Foundation presentation can involve a brief meditation process within a framework of psychological concepts dealing with attention. The connection between attention control and stress reduction is clearly developed in an experiential way. The presentation is designed to stimulate interest and curiosity, and raise a number of very interesting practical questions.

There is usually an opportunity for the audence to raise questions of their own. Followup is available at the Philadelphia Summa Foundation center.

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