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Attending a meeting

If you are in the Philadelphia area, you are welcome to come to an introductory meeting and see how our group works together. A visit is worth a thousand words... or pictures.

The introductory meetings for visitors are usually scheduled individually or small groups. The regular meetings after introduction are usually on the first and third Sunday evenings of each month. Call 215-849-0214 to confirm time or arrange an introductory meeting. Typically, regular member meetings begin with a brief live piano recital of Gurdjieff/DeHartmann and/or classical music. The meeting includes attention work, such as sitting and walking meditation, chanting, drumming, music, and divided attention exercises.

Frequently there is a topic for presentation and/or discussion, related to the psychological models and other concepts of the Fourth Way, from the perspective of practical daily application to one's life. Other segments of the meeting may involve Mindful Movements and music.

Thus the meetings provide a forum for integrated development of intellectual mind, emotion and body, and hands-on experience with a broad spectrum of tools that appeal to many different ways of learning.

There are occasional Mindful Movements and practical work events which provide an opportunity of extended practice with the body-centered techniques, but in a context of refined understanding.

Call for more information, or to register and confirm the location of meetings or events. The location is usually in the East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia near public transportation (Chestnut Hill West, Queen Lane station or Norristown/Manayunk, East Falls station, on the regional commuter lines).

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for the address, telephone number and a direct e-mail connection, or send us your contact information using the fill-in e-mail form.

For more information or to register for activities,
call 215-849-0214 or e-mail

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