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Study Methods

The self-study methods are applied while students are fully involved with relationships, families, careers, education, and other daily activities. Students are encouraged to embrace their daily lives with enthusiasm, as a means to develop keener understanding and wisdom.

Although some of the meditation and Fourth Way concepts are published in books, the vitality of the methods are best conveyed by regular participation in a group of people who are applying the principles to daily living. Regular meetings at Summa Foundation include:

  • Practical study of meditation, Fourth Way concepts and psychological models.

  • Discussion among a growing group of diverse individuals regarding day-to-day application to life experience.

  • Learning through movement, meditation, music and other experiential exercises.

The body-centered work greatly accelerates personal growth -- transforming intellectual knowledge into the freedom of conscious action and emotional clarity.

Library resources, including videos and audio tapes, are available to senior members. The program also offers special events, and opportunities to network with other Fourth Way students and like-minded people around the country and in other parts of the world.

Students applying the knowledge and practice of meditation and the Fourth Way to their daily lives will create a transformational understanding precious to those who seek the higher possibilities inherent in being human.

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